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A balanced block that can jump and walk

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It is a 15 x 15 x 15 cm robot cube that can be balanced on a single point or on one side, and it can maintain balance on any curved surface.

product description

It has a built-in runner, which will adjust the speed and angular momentum along the corresponding axis, so as to generate enough power to maintain the balance of the cube on the corresponding axis. 

It combines these three abilities

  1. jumping
  2. balance, and falling control
  3. to be able to "walk".

Jumping principle

The reaction wheels mounted on the three faces of the cube rotate at a high angular velocity and then brake suddenly, causing it to jump up

Once it almost reaches the corner standing position, a controlled motor torque is applied to keep it balanced at the corner.

In addition to balancing, the motor torque can also be used to achieve a controlled descent so that it can be commanded to descend in any direction

Pakket omvat:
1 *Aluminium beugel
1 *Motor base
1 *Inertiële vliegwiel
1 *DC motor met encoder
1 *Control board
1 *Rijden board
1 *USB Code Downloaden Lijn
1 *1.25mm single-ended terminal lijn
1 *Koper bericht schroef