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Children's Trojans Toy Cars

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  • Strengthen the body and increase awareness
  • Solid wheel/safe anti-skid
  • No tool adjustment

The car is the best way to help your baby go from a baby's staggering step to a big step

Strengthen the body, improve cognition

It is the best way to teach children a sense of balance, increase physical flexibility, improve cognitive ability and enhance spatial awareness.

No tool adjustment

Handlebars and seats that can be adjusted without tools, and EVA solid tires that never blow out.

Suitable for 1.5~5 years old baby

We are also equipped with upholstered seats and an extra-long replacement seatpost to accompany your child through the growth period of 1.5-5 years old.

Product advantages

  • Safety accessories
    The ergonomically designed padded seat can ensure the comfort of children riding.

  • Non-slip foot pedal
    The unique non-slip foot pedal can realize smooth and easy sliding and stunt riding.

  • Rotating grip
    The grip can be rotated 360 degrees to relieve the shock when the baby falls.

  • Sponge protective pad
    Sponge protective pad, imitating professional sports bicycles, greatly improving safety performance.

  • Suitable for babies
    Mini handle, easy for children to control.

  • Solid wheels
    EVA wheels that will not blow out.

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