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Cool and simple clock

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  • Easy to assemble/USB powered
  • Intelligent Perceived Display
  • Two languages,Two time settings are smarter
  • No power supply time memory

Added side injection molded parts, the structure is more stable and more beautiful.

Easy to assemble

The assembly steps are optimized.Glass dust cover for better texture.

Intelligent Perceived Display

  • Human body infrared detection, smarter and more energy-saving.

  • Six-digit lamppost displays hour, minute and second,More suitable for watching time at night.

USB powered

Any USB port can power it,up to 3 alarm clocks can be set.

Two time settings are smarter

The button at the bottom of the clock can set the color/mode/time. You can also be lazy to synchronize time or set colors with computer software.

No power supply time memory

There is a button battery on the motherboard, it will continue to run when power is off, and there is no need to reset the time after power off.

Six languages

Report time in English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Spanish.

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