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All the devices into one

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It is a mobile phone that can be worn on the hand

The world's first smart phone that can be wrapped around the wearer's wrist, and the function of the device is the same. The idea behind the device is to merge all the devices into one. It is your phone, entertainment equipment, game system, personal assistant, etc. Of course, this is your watch.

Basically a twin-display smartphone you can wrap around your wrist and wear like a bracelet

the working prototypes are reported to have made use of experimental flexible displays. The upper screen auto activates as the arm is raised, while the lower screen turns on when it's pointed upwards by twisting the wrist. The displays are housed within an aluminum enclosure, topped by waterproof and shock-resistant glass from Schott.

As mentioned before, the device is made to be all your devices in one. In fact it even includes a whopping three cameras.
You did in fact read that right, and I didn’t make a typo. Three cameras are included on the it.

The first one is the equivalent to a front facing camera on a smartphone, being used primarily for things like Skype.
The second camera is the equivalent to the rear camera on a smartphone, being used to take higher quality pictures and videos.
The third cameras purpose is to be used as a pointer for barcodes, hyperlinks, and so on. All you have to do is simply point the camera in the direction of the hyperlink, and it will take you to the address. this is a very interesting addition to the watch indeed.

he connectivity of the device is also pretty high-tech.

Firstly, the device is WiFi capable, which is expected. On top of that, the it is also NFC capable, which is not so expected, and allows the device to be used for things like a digital wallet, or electronic lock opener.


For those of you who want to listen to music, the it does not include a headphone jack, so you will have to use wireless headphones that are compatible with PurePath technology, which is supposed to be a lot better quality than Bluetooth. Of course, you can also physically connect to your computer through USB, and the uses USB 3.0 to achieve this. The device also includes a nano-SIM card slot, so you can use it as a smartphone as well.


The device will be powered by the yet-to-be-released low-power, high-speed OMAP 5 processor from Texas Instruments, which has built-in graphical processing for high-definition playback that should be able to comfortably cope with on-wrist gaming. The it boasts 2 GB of system memory, and either 128 or 256 GB of included solid state memory.

Emopulse has hit Indiegogo to take pre-orders for its Smile SmartWatch

The it runs an algorithm-based, custom AI operating system, and uses biosensors embedded in the device to gather information about its wearer and uses the data to help automate certain processes.

After watching a few movies or listening to streamed music, for example, the system will recommend more content based on user tastes and/or emotional responses. The accuracy of the predictions will increase over time. The sensors could also be used alongside virtual physical trainers to help keep users in trim with personal, monitored workouts.

Included sensors could be used alongside virtual physical trainers to help keep users in trim with personal, monitored workouts