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World's First R G B Handheld Laser 

One Laser To See ALL Laser Beam Colors

To fulfill the dream of every laser enthusiast out there - owning as many lasers in different wavelengths as possible, we have created the World's first portable RGB handheld laser.

We combined three laser diodes- A red, green and blue laser diode into a small stainless-steel body and align the beams precisely to create a single laser beam which you can control and change the beam color to whatever you want!

Dimmer Switch

To make sure users have full control to the color of the laser beam, we added four magnetic dimmer switches. Three of these switches allow you to control the power of each laser beam independently so you can create any laser colors you want- just like mixing paints!

RGB Total Output: 500mW
Power of Red 635nm:  200mW
Power of Green 525nm: 130mW 
Power of Blue 455nm: 170mW

The fourth magnetic dimmer switch controls the strobe speed with an automatic color cycling mode and emergency SOS mode.

Automatic Color Cycling Mode

This Laser emits colorful beams you have never been able to see on ANY handheld lasers until now!

Have fun trying out rare laser colors like Golden, Magenta, Cyan & many other excotic laser colors!

RGB White balance
White balance is great for on my eye, not too blue tinted as I thought it would be.

520nm Green is around 100mw, 635nm red is 180mw, 455nm blue is around 200mw, providing well balanced RGB white beam. All diodes are single mode diodes.

Comes with an amazing auto-rotating cap

I think the RGB device will shine with its unusually small size, in a medium-sized space and
The auto-rotating star cap makes it a really cool small portable laser show gadget/handheld laser.

Exculsive feature - Tritium Vial

Make your RGB Laser unique and stand out with glowing tritium vials!

There are 14 areas where you can install glowing tritium vials on the RGB Laser.  They glow independently at night, without absorbing any light, and last for a decade!

Basic (4 vials)

Red, green and blue tritium vials will be situated on the R/G/B dimmer switch rings. Then you may select an additional vial for the last dimmer switch.