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Turn your favorite songs into a symphony of colors and lights. Create the perfect atmosphere in any space.

  • Included Rhythm Upgrade Module has built-in sound sensors to automatically pick up on audio
  • Razer Chroma integration available - sync up the Light Panels with Razer gear for your most immersive gaming experience yet
  • Connect up to 30 Light Panels on one Controller
  • Use the app to customize colors and animations
  • Also controllable with the manual Controller and voice control.

Nanoleaf Light Panels

Unique modular smart decor lighting that is perfect for setting the ambiance or boosting productivity. Reacts to your favorite music in real time.

Nanoleaf Light Panels Intro Image

Create any design you want
Let your imagination run free. Construct your design to stand out or blend in. Combine the triangular panels into any desired shape. Use the layout assistant in the app to explore different panel layouts and preview them in your room with the AR function.

Nanoleaf Aurora Light Panels Review - MacRumors

16M+ Colors & LayoutDetect
16M+ colors with 1200K-6500K white light temperature range and brightness control. You choose - crisp, clean white light to focus on a project or gentle warm white to read your favorite book before bedtime.

Nanoleaf Light Panels Smarter Kit | WiFi LED Colour Smart Lighting ...

Watch the lights dance to your favorite music!
The rhythm module can respond to all genres of music in real time. It can sense audio and convert it into color and light to achieve amazing real-time audiovisual display. Plug the module into any lighting panel and everything is fine!

Nanoleaf Light Panels Rhythm

Simple Drill-free Setup

Easily mount the Light Panels onto any flat surface using the included Mounting Tape, no drilling required. 

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